Wetherby High School

Passionate about unlocking your child’s potential

At Wetherby High School all our staff are deeply committed to ensuring every child receives an outstanding education. Our curriculum, teaching and pastoral care enable students to achieve at the highest academic level, unlocking doors to the future of their choice.

Our staff and students are ambitious to be the best version of themselves. That ambition extends way beyond their academic excellence. We want our students to reach their full potential academically and as young people moving into adulthood. We understand that central to this is developing character and a sense of social responsibility.

Our Coaching System allows us to know each student well as individuals, their likes and dislikes, their strengths and insecurities, their interests, pets and favourite TV programmes. It means as a Coach you can be there for them on the good and bad days. The relationships formed in Coaching allow the students to feel they belong to the school community. That belonging brings happiness, safety and a platform from which to challenge themselves in their education.

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